7 happinesses – Sat Sukh

Healthy body and good food

The ancient Indian saying quotes 7 origins of happiness from different aspects of life starting from physical health until social connections. At the end of the row there is an extra to the seven happiness.


  1. Pehla sukh nirogi kaya. First happiness is a healthy body.
  2. Dusra sukh ghar me maya. Second happiness is wealth at home.
  3. Tishra such sulakshana nari. Third happiness is a faithful partner (originally: wife).
  4. Chhoutha sukh putra agyakari. Fourth health is an obedient and polite child.
  5. Panchva sukh ho sundar vasa. Fifth happiness is to have an own beautiful home.
  6. Chhatha sukh ho sajan sajani pas. Sixth happiness is when spouses live together.
  7. Satwan sukh ho mitra sachhe. Seventh happiness is to have true friends in life.
  8. Athwan sukh ache padosi. Eighth happiness is to have good neighbours.