God Rama had been spending his solitary exodus in the jungle with his wife Sita, and brother Lakshmana. On one afternoon Rama was having a rest with his head on Sita’s lap. A crow arrived and tried to disturb Sita. So Shree Rama woke up and realized that the crow was Jayant, the son of God Indra, taking the form of a crow. Jayant tried to flirt with Sita but Rama become raged and wanted to kill him. Jayant begged for his life and Rama forgave him with a condition that included a blessing. Rama aimed his arrow at Jayant’s eye and took his eyesight of one eye. He was able to use only one eyeball at a time but he became a seer of his ancestors and unsatisfied souls. Jayant also got the blessing of a long life and he could liberate the ancestors from Pitr Loka of those men who feed him during the time of Pitr Paksha.